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Providing Financial Systems Setup, Personal Finance Organization, and Budgeting Resources.


We specialize in Professional Athletes, Entertainment Industry and Wellness Businesses.


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We organize your income and expenses into categorized reports so you have the knowledge to make informed decisions. We specialize in Professional Athletes, Entertainment Industry & Wellness Businesses.


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checkmark-303752_640Are you a professional athlete looking to take your expense and income tracking to the next level?

checkmark-303752_640Are you an agent or manager looking to add valuable services to your client offerings?

checkmark-303752_640Is your business needing guidance and support with invoicing, tracking, or setting up bookkeeping systems?

checkmark-303752_640Are you a health or wellness business wanting to be financially organized and informed?

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“In The MBS Team I’ve found a trustworthy, organized, and caring team that has helped my business grow by allowing me the freedom to focus on my creative strengths, while they take care of the ‘business’ side of my company.

I feel confident in knowing that The MBS Team is fully engaged in every aspect of my personal and business finances, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

C. Cote

President, Cote Media Group

“The MBS team has allowed me to focus on my passions and work over the last decade, without ever stressing my finances. Not only are they the most amazing people to work with, they have kept me confident that my accounting is organized and always up to date.

Very grateful to have Byron and Melissa on my side to allow me to reach my full potential with true confidence.”

J. Mitrani

Owner, Frendly

“Words cannot express how much the MBS team has helped me along my path and career of a professional snowboarder & musician. Byron and Melissa are both extremely professional and I trust them with just about everything!

I highly recommend the MBS team to whatever your financial needs may be. Thank you so much for everything guys! ”

L. Mitrani

Artist & Musician

“The MBS team has given me so much help with my expenses, saving for the future and having my bills paid on time while I’m traveling.

For what my job has to offer, such as traveling around the world and competing, it is so hard to manage my income and expenses. The MBS is the perfect fit for me and what I do - I couldn’t trust any better people!

So trustworthy and very reliable to when I need them. The MBS Team is such a blessing for me.  They not only help with organizing my finances, they have become good friends!”

K. Asing

Professional Surfer, World Surf League

“The MBS team has become more than just our accounting firm - they have become our friends. It’s so wonderful to have such an incredible combination of professionalism, timeliness and knowledge offered by people you really enjoy working with.

I feel comfortable asking questions and the MBS team is very good at explaining complex financial situations to me in a way I can understand. They do so much more than bookkeeping - they prepare impeccable P+Ls, Balance Sheets and other reports and present them live via video chat at our quarterly board meetings.

The words that come to mind about MBS are efficient, timely, cost-effective and kind.”

E. Vienneau

President, Open Sky Events


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